After a creative career in television as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator,

David now paints full time from his studio in Kent.


He describes his work as figurative - mainly working from life, taking inspiration from people we see on the streets, isolating characters and changing relationships.  The key theme is the British multicultural way of life. 

The life drawing and the oil painting are separated in the gallery as the two styles look so different. 


The oil painting is controlled and planned.  The narrative between the figures is important . The paintings are in themes like the Morris Men and the Pride Precession paintings.  The oil painting has reconnected the artist with drawings he did when working as a designer in central London. Sketching people in the street and in public spaces in small pocket sketchbooks. There is a subsection of sketchbooks.

The life drawing is all about practice and technique.  The style is strong and vigorous and fast.  "I draw standing at the easel.  Oddly, I find it's a bit like skiing.  Exciting but you often end up face down in the snow - or with an unsuccessful drawing." 

If you have any enquiries about David's artwork, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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